PR Controller

  • Part Number


  • Weight

    0.26lb / 0.12kg

  • Dimensions

    L 5.6" x W 2.5" x H 0.56"

  • Note: PR160L lamps , Rig w/ Fan Kit not included.


    Product Information


    Automating Light for Photoredox Reaction

    The PR Controller is a great addition to your Kessil PR160L LED PhotoReaction lamps setup for automated photoreactions. It allows you to create programs with varying light intensity and duration, to pre-set start & end time, and to export the programs to your computer for detailed experiment logs. The controller comes with the daisy-chain cables to connect up to 4 lamps so that they can all run the same program. Finally you don't have to go into the lab at 2AM to turn off the lights! And the saved programs allow you to repeat the exact same light settings for future photoredox reactions for reproducibility!

    Intuitive Programming to Automate Lighting

    Equipped with flawless touch control panel and a vivid color display, the PR Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. You can program steps of varying lighting intensity for advanced photoredox catalysis, photopolymerization, photocatalytic degradation, and more.

    ON/OFF Experiments

    Perform ON/OFF experiments to explore the effects of light on photocatalysts. You can also pre-set start and end time of the program to turn the Kessil PR160L LED PhotoReaction lamps off automatically.

    Saved Programs for Reproducibility

    Saved programs allow you to repeat the exact same light settings for future photoredox reactions for reproducibility. You can also export the program log to your Windows PC for graphing and reporting on publications.


    What's in the Box

    • PR Controller (x1)

    • Magnetic Back Plate with two double-sided tapes (x1)

    • 5V/1A USB Wall Charger (x1)

    • 0-10V Unit Link Cable, 6 feet / 180cm (x1)

    • 0-10V Unit Link Cable, 3 feet / 90cm (x1)

    • 0-10V Unit Link Cable, 20 inches / 50cm (x2)

    • Warranty Card (x1)

    • Kessil brand Sticker (x1)

    • Quick Start Guide (x1)


    Compatible with


    PR160 Rig w/ Fan Kit