PR160 Rig w/ Fan Kit

  • Part Number


  • Weight

    6.2lb / 2.85kg

  • Dimensions

    W 22.7" x L 13" x H 7.5"

  • Note 1: The kit does not come with the base.
    Note 2: Stir plate can be used. The PR160 Rig w/ Fan Kit is attached to your typical lab supporting bar (monkey bars) - "hanging in the air" above the stir plate


    Product Information


    The PR160 Rig with Fan Kit is a specifically designed mounting system for typical laboratory photocatalytic reactions. It's full adjustability and secure mounting provides consistency, accuracy, and repeatability. The Kit also comes with a powerful fan to blow air from the top efficiently (proved to be more efficient than clamp desktop fan) to keep the reactions at room temperature as much as possible. It also comes with light-blocking shields for lab safety, which blocks all UV light and most blue light.

    What's in the Box

    • 12.6 x 9.06 inches Light-blocking Shield + Fan (x1)

    • 12.6 x 4.72 inches Front Light-blocking Shield (x1)

    • 5.91 inches Black Cable Ties (x4)

    • Y-split Cable for Fan (x1)

    • 15.75 inches Center Rod (x1)

    • 0.63 inches Side Rod (x2)

    • Center Mount (x1)

    • Side Moun (x2)

    • ¼"-20, 15mm Thumb Screw (x5)

    • ¼"-20, 20mm Thumb Screw (Only for G) (x1)

    • Screw M3 x 5mm Pan Head (Backup screws for PR160) (x10)

    • Back Arm (x4)


    Compatible with


    PR Controller


    Intensity Maps

    These Intensity Maps are very helpful to determine lamp distance and intensity output. Hard copies are included in the PR160L light package and can be placed under the vials. Multiple vials can be aligned in the same contour line of the same intensity for even light distribution
    PR160L Intensity Maps
    PR160L Intensity Maps
    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Attach the Center Mount (G) to a vertical or horizontal supporting bar and secure it with a 20mm Thumb Screw (J). The Center Mount (G) can attach to supporting bars ranged from ø12mm to ø20mm.

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Thread the 15.75 inches (400mm) Center Rod (E) through the hole on the Center Mount (G) and secure it with a 15mm Thumb Screw ( I ).

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Attach the Side Mount (H) to the Center Rod (E) and secure it with a 15mm Thumb Screw ( I ).

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Thread the Side Rod (F) to the Side Mount (H) and secure it with a 15mm Thumb Screw ( I ).

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Secure the Back Arm (L) to the back of the light body with two M3 screws (K).

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Attach the Back Arm (L) with the light body to the Side Rod (F) and secure it by turning the knob.

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Use Cable Ties (C) to combine Light-blocking Shield + Fan (A) and Front Light-blocking Shield (B) , and tighten up Cable Ties (C).

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Place Light-blocking Shield + Fan (A) and Front Light-blocking Shield (B) on top of the rig.

    PR160L Installation Instructions


    Attach the Y-split Cable for Fan (D) to the fan and the light. Connect the other connector to the power supply.