Prolific Machines Living Wall

Prolific Machines wanted a lush, biodiverse living wall showcasing agricultural technology and nature in their office. They partnered with Habitat Horticulture, who selected Kessil LED lights for their ideal spectrum, intensity, and adjustability. Kessil's overhead mounting allowed deep light penetration for greater plant diversity, while the tunable spectrum brought out vibrant colors across unique varieties like anthurium, bromeliad, and alocasia.

Two years later, the living wall remains a thriving centerpiece under Kessil's lighting. "The growth has been spectacular," noted Phil Greenberg of Habitat Horticulture. "Kessil allowed growing plants with different needs in one space." For Prolific Machines, the vibrant, Kessil-lit living wall embodies reconnecting people and nature through thoughtful biophilic design.