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kessil Track
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  • kessil Track

DMX Track

2 Circuit Track with DataBus

  • Track Type

    Surface Mounted Track (commercial grade)

  • Color Options

    Black / White

  • Segment Length

    4ft / 8ft / 12ft

  • Mouting Points

    0.25" x 1" Slot Per 8"

  • Custom Lengths

    Track segments can be cut on location

    Mounting Points

    Pre-drilled slots for easy mounting

    Remote Operation

    The Data Bus supports up to 30 devices


    • Conductors

      7 (2 per circuit, 2 for DataBus 1 for ground)

    • Circuits

      2 (20A max per circuit)

    • DataBus

      22 Gauge Nickel Plated Copper

    • Number of DMX Fixtures

      30 Max

    • Max Load

      22lbs (per foot of track)

    Track Essentials

    The simplest setup consists of:
    1. DMX Track Segment(s) cut to the appropriate length
    2. End Feed that connects power & carries DMX signals
    3. DMX Terminator to prevent signal interference
    4. Another End Feed for future track extensions (OR an End Cap )

    Select components based on DataBus orientation



    The red line indicates the DataBus orientation

    Feeders — supply power to the track

    End Feed

    Data Bus Left

    BLACK: 553-2-1202-2

    WHITE: 553-2-1202-6

    Conductors on left

    End Feed

    Data Bus Right



    Conductors on right

    Straight Coupler with Feed

    Data Bus and Power Feed

    BLACK: 553-2-1208-2

    WHITE: 553-2-1208-6

    Can be oriented to right or left

    Couplers — connect segments of track together


    Data Bus Outside

    BLACK: 553-2-1209-2

    WHITE: 553-2-1209-6

    Conductors on outside


    Data Bus Inside

    BLACK: 553-2-1210-2

    WHITE: 553-2-1210-6

    Conductors on inside

    Flex Coupler

    Data Bus and Power Feed

    BLACK: 553-2-1211-2

    WHITE: 553-2-1211-6

    30° - 330° mobility range

    Straight Coupler

    Data Bus Only (No Power Feed)

    BLACK: 555-2-1206-2

    WHITE: 555-2-1206-6

    Can be oriented to right or left

    DMX Control

    DMX Terminator

    BLACK: 99-762-2

    WHITE: 99-762-6

    Prevent signals from rebounding

    NOTE: DMX lines should always be terminated in order to eliminate noise and flickering

    Covers — hide wires and conductors from view

    Canopy Cover

    Data Bus Outside

    BLACK: 198-60-0003-2

    WHITE: 198-60-0003-6

    Placed mid-feed to cover excess wires

    End Cap

    BLACK: 555-0-1217-2

    WHITE: 555-0-1217-6

    Placed at end of track

    Track Segmenys

    120V, 2 Circuits with Data


    BLACK : 233-102

    WHITE : 233-101


    BLACK : 233-202

    WHITE : 233-201


    BLACK : 233-302

    WHITE : 233-301

    Compatible with