Special Announcement   
Happy Holidays!
Kessil ® presents its
2011 Holiday Extravaganza Giveaway!
Kessil is gearing up for the holidays!
Join us! The fun begins  December 7th at 11 a.m.  on Facebook!
How to win:
1. Like Kessil on Facebook
2. Play Kessil's Holiday Giveaway Games *
3. Win and take home sweet prizes!
* For Complete Rules and Restrictions on How to Enter and Win, click here.
Join the Winner's Circle to win the Holiday Grand Prize
Win a prize in any of Kessil's giveaway games this holiday season to earn a place in our Winner's Circle and be eligible to win Kessil's coveted grand prize:
Custom-designed Kessil 350 Platform Illuminator
Kessil's Grand Prize winner will:
* Win a completely CUSTOM 350 Platform Illuminator
* Design and create a one-of-a-kind spectrum recipe of their choice
* Work one-on-one with Kessil's team
* Name their custom-built light (with Kessil's approval)
Because of its vertically-integrated capabilities, Kessil is the only leading LED company to be able to completely customize its products to fit special specifications. Now, with this Grand Prize offering, the choice is up to you! With a range of wavelengths from 380nm to 700nm, build your own custom Kessil Illuminator and advance the Spectral Revolution.

The Spectral Revolution