September  2011   

How's it going, Kessil Fans?   Summer may be wrapping up, but there's still plenty to look forward to. If you happen to be in Iowa between September 9th and the 11th, you can visit our booth at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA), the largest and oldest marine aquarium conference in North America! Also, guess who just "spun" into town…

Kessil Mailbox

Kessil Mailbox

Dear Rob B.,

It's nice to hear from you.

We agree. Kessil aquarium lights are unique because of their efficiency and sleek looks. It's not easy to find that combination, especially in older generation aquarium lights.

We're glad that the gooseneck could eliminate some hassle.

We wish you the best in bringing the marine world to the families of Denver.


The Kessil Team

Kessil Mailbox

Dear Kessil,

We have been using the Kessil A150W Sky Blue LED aquarium light for several months, and are extremely pleased with its function, color, and small size.

In addition to providing the obvious benefits of power savings and eliminating the need to annually change power compact fluorescent lamps, the color, brightness, and glitter lines have improved the aesthetics of the small Pacific Northwest exhibit where it is installed.

We are also really pleased with the well-designed gooseneck mounting system. It allows us to easily do daily maintenance and feeding of the exhibit without having to move the lights out of the way.


Rob B.

Downtown Denver Aquarium
H150 / H150W

Now Available, the S360 Spectral Spinner

We've shipped the much anticipated Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner! Find them at a Hydrofarm retailer near you:

The S360 grow light carrier spins continuously to evenly distribute light over a 4 ' x 4 ' grow area!

Thank You MBARI!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is a world-class oceanographic research center. Dedicated to innovation, MBARI brings together scientists and engineers to develop instruments, systems, and methods for deep ocean research.

Interested in Kessil's unique repertoire, MBARI invited us to beautiful Monterey Bay, CA for a visit. We had lunch at Phil's Fish Market and discussed Kessil's involvement in some cutting edge projects. We look forward to working with MBARI … and more cioppino luncheons!

For more information about MBARI visit,
VASCA Aquarium Supply

Kessil is proud to announce VASCA Aquarium Supply as one of its distributors in the United States!

VASCA is a distributor of over 3,000 aquarium products from 65+ manufacturers. It will be the first to distribute Kessil's full line of aquarium lighting products and accessories, including the A150W series.

VASCA's superb team is as enthusiastic about our lights as we are. Paul Almeter, VASCA's CEO, observed, "We've seen many early adopter LED products hit the aquarium market. The Kessil A150W LED light is the first light that will appeal to the core market of reef hobbyists. The manufacturing is first rate. Kessil clearly understands the needs of reef hobbyists."

We're excited to grow our business with VASCA!

For more information about VASCA visit,

KESSIL - Store Profile - All About Fish

Store Highlight: All About Fish

All About Fish is a warehouse-sized fish and aquarium specialty store, operating in Pleasant Hill, CA for over 16 years. Tatao, the co-owner, is an organic chemist and a lifelong fish enthusiast. He hooked up three Kessil A150W's to a 92–gallon reef tank. He was impressed. The Kessils created a shimmer and brought out the corals' vibrant colors. Some corals that never bloomed before started blooming!

Kessil LED Aquarium Light: Size Comparisons

Cool Clips

Here's a neat clip from Marine Depot comparing the size of a Kessil to various objects:

Kessil Comic: Candy Bar vs. Kessil


The Spectral Revolution