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LED 101: Technology Overview

Robert Schleicher, DiCon LED's Vice President of Product Development, explains the basics of LED technology and addressing how DiCon's Dense Matrix LED (used in every Kessil LED Grow light) offers higher quality and delivers superior performance.

Dense Matrix LED Technology

Listen to this seminar hosted by Robert Schleicher (DiCon's Vice President of Product Development) and learn how DiCon's Dense Matrix LED technology is revolutionizing the indoor gardening industry.

Facility Overview

Kessil's Plant Research Lab

Meet Josh Puckett and take a tour of Kessil's Plant Research Lab. Come share our passion for indoor gardening and get excited about all the possibilities from this latest LED Grow light technology and check out the SpectrumMixer (light spinner).


Vegetation Under H150 Purple & Red

We have demonstrated excellent tomato vegetative growth under six spinning Kessil H150-Purple LED Grow Lights. With the addition of an H150-Red booster light, we also observed impressive flowering and fruiting results in the target quadrant.

Cloning Tomatoes

We've successfully cloned many tomato plants using EZClone under Kessil LED grow lights. Impressive root results in just 7 days.

5 week accelerated tomato growth

Josh explains this accelerated tomato growth experiment. Over a span of 5 weeks, 500W of LED lights were placed over tomatoes in a 4'x4' area. The results Growth and fruiting results impressed Maximum Yield 2010 Expo show goers.

65 day time lapse under H150 Magenta

This is the extension of the "42 days time lapse" video of plants growing under H150 Magenta. Nine tomato plants grew successfully under Kessil H150-Magenta LED Grow Light in a 4'x4' tent. Fruits are shown at the end.

Store Testimony

Plant'it Earth

Brad, the store manager of Plant'it Earth in San Francisco, gives us a tour of the 8,000 sq ft facility. Check out the basil plants grown under 6 Kessil H-150 Purple in the store in comparison with basil under traditional MH. The basil under Kessil H150-Purple LED lights grows faster and produces more.

Calwest Hydroponics

Ryan at Calwest Hydroponics in Riverside, California introduces us to their new store complete with a comprehensive grow room with examples of the different growing systems available to their customers, including of course the Kessil H150 LED Grow Light working it's magic on some peppers.

House of Hydroponics

Carl, the owner of at House of Hydroponics in San Dimas, California shares his in-house experiment comparing HID lighting with our Kessil H150 LED grow lights using red hot chili peppers. The fruit produced by our H150 is massive!

Funny Farms

Owner/Manager Pierre Courso introduces his growing (pun completely intended) hydroponics store as he shares his thoughts on Kessil's new breed of LED grow light technology.

Hi-Tech Hydro

Tour Hi-Tech Hydro store in Richmond, California and see why the General Manager Noah is so impressed by our Kessil LED Grow Light. Noah talks about upcoming Kessil products: Red/Blue Boosters, cloning lights, and goose neck mounting fixtures.

Constantly Growing

Geoff takes us on a tour of his Constantly Growing location in Sacramento.

Complete Garden Supply

Nick, the store manager of Complete Garden Supply talks about Kessil's LED lighting and the benefits of growing with LEDs. See how Kessil H150 Lights are performing on the lettuce and tomatoes in this store test.