H350 LED Illuminator Owner's Manual

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H350 LED Illuminator Owner's Manual

Model: H350


  1. Remove contents from package.

  2. Screw the hanging bolt (C) into the center hole.*

  3. For sufficient airflow, the intake and venting holes should be at least 12 in. from surrounding obstructions.

  4. Hang H350 1 to 2 ft. above the object to be illuminated.**

  5. Connect H350 to the specified DC power supply (H).

  6. Plug the power supply into an outlet with the correct specifications (see product specifications for more information).

* H350 may also be hung by mounting 2 metal hooks (diameters of at least 2.5 mm and thread numbers of at least 6) through its brackets (E).
** H350 should only be installed on wood, acoustical tile or other similar ceilings.
** For sufficient airflow, the intake and venting holes (D, F) should be at least 12 in. from surrounding obstructions.


  1. DO NOT use a power supply that is outside the specifications. This is a fire hazard and may lead to unit failure.

  2. DO NOT use outdoors. This unit is intended for indoor use only.

  3. DO NOT expose unit to an extremely humid environment or submerse unit in water. This may lead to unit failure.

  4. DO NOT place working illuminator in close contact with any objects. This may cause objects to heat up and the unit to overheat.

  5. KEEP diffuser (G) away from sharp objects. This may break the diffuser and lead to unit failure.

  6. DO NOT cover or place objects on the power supply. Power supply should not be contained in an airtight space.


Illuminator Power consumption 92 W MAX
Input Voltage 24 VDC ± 5%
Listed Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz 1.3A MAX
Output 54 VDC, 1.7A


  1. Keep air vent and fan clear of dust. To clean the fan, turn unit off, insert the tip of a CO2 dust blower(or similar dust blower) in one of the slots on the unit's outer shell. Hold and spray.

  2. Keep the diffuser clean.
    If the diffuser becomes contaminated with water, dust or other particles, turn off the unit and clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Wet a cotton swab or a napkin in isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the surface of the diffuser and let it dry.


Problem Solution
Light doesn't turn ON

Make sure the unit is connected to the power supply and the power supply is plugged into an outlet with the correct specifications.

Make sure electrical power is available to the AC outlet being used.

Make sure the power supply has the right specifications.

Make sure the device is operating within the specified operating temperature range. If unit overheats, it will automatically shut down.

Unit is flickering

Make sure the power supply has the right specifications.

Make sure the unit has not overheated by operating at a room temperature exceeding 40°C.

Make sure the fan is operating properly.


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