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Kessil Announces the Release of the H380 Grow Light

The H380 is a powerful LED grow light that can be switched between two spectrums to target bloom and vegetative phases.

October 20th, 2014

Richmond, CA ( October 20, 2014 ) - Kessil Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED horticulture lighting, announces the H380 grow light. The innovative new grow light builds off of the success of the H350 line with even more output and the addition of Kessil Logic. With its increased output and the ability to switch between spectrums, the H380 will increase efficiency while simplifying the entire growth cycle.

"We are always trying to maximize the output from our lights, from creating bigger, better arrays to manipulating the circuitry behind it. All of that pays off with the H380," says David Lowry, Sales Manager at Kessil, "We didn't want to just stop with a more powerful light, we also wanted to introduce something completely new. The integration of Kessil Logic allows the light to be switched between two of our most successful spectrums without losing out on output."

The H380 advances spectrum-specific light to the next level with the ability to switch between two proprietary spectrums. Just as plants have different nutrient requirements at different stages, particular spectrums are more effective at enhancing growth at each stage. During the vegetative stage, the Deep Purple spectrum ensures plants flourish with thick, lush growth. The Magenta spectrum targets the bloom stage, driving plants to increase quality and quantity of yield. The full spectrum light is further enhanced with the addition of UV chips.

Accompanying the spectral advances are brilliant new innovations in optical design. The cutting edge reflector maximizes penetration of the light beam through the canopy, and a special high-quality lens ensures minimal light loss.

The H380 will be showcased at The Indoor Gardening Expo in Boston, MA. It will be available for purchase in October.

About Kessil ®

Kessil Lighting designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for the horticulture and aquarium industries. Kessil is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a leading 25-year-old technology company in the photonics industry. Using DiCon's patented high power Dense Matrix LED™ platform, Kessil's products produce a powerful, penetrating stream of light. Each LED chip emits only one wavelength, allowing various spectrums to be created by grouping different types of LED chips together. As a result, Kessil can populate chips with specific wavelengths onto DiCon's array. For this purpose, Kessil's research team continues to rigorously search for different spectrum recipes to enhance plant and coral growth. With this constant quest for the best spectrums, Kessil is leading The Spectral Revolution ®.

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