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Kessil Introduces Two New LED Grow Lights, Red and Blue Boosters

September 29, 2010

Richmond, CA - Following the successful launch of the H150 LED grow light, Kessil introduces two new booster lights, the H150 RED and BLUE. Designed to supplement spectrums for traditional broadband sources, the H150 RED and BLUE are ideal solutions for growers with existing grow light systems.

Created to work alongside any grow light system, the distinctive H150 RED model is a booster for the flowering stage. The all red emission will increase photon intensity and balance the spectrum to the desired region during the blooming and fruiting phases. The BLUE Model is aimed at enhancing vegetative growth without sacrificing yield. Working in conjunction with conventional or advanced LED lighting systems, this all blue light will promote stem growth and reduce internodal length, keeping plants healthy and strong.

Using the latest Dense Matrix LED™ platform, the H150 booster lights deliver focused, intense light onto plants for effective photosynthesis. Its compact form factor and low heat emission allows it to be used in close conjunction with conventional grow light systems. Extremely versatile in its mounting options, the H150 can be hung from the ceiling or positioned with a gooseneck arm to direct light where it's needed without blocking light from the traditional source. With a state of the art research lab, Kessil continues to find new ways to innovate and improve products. Through distribution partners Hydrofarm in the U.S. and GreenStar in Canada, these lights will be available to indoor growers in North America.

Kessil will showcase the new H150 boosters at Grow 2010 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 1-2, booth #535.
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About Kessil ®

Kessil Lighting designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for the horticulture and aquarium industries. Kessil is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a leading 25-year-old technology company in the photonics industry. Using DiCon's patented high power Dense Matrix LED™ platform, Kessil's products produce a powerful, penetrating stream of light. Each LED chip emits only one wavelength, allowing various spectrums to be created by grouping different types of LED chips together. As a result, Kessil can populate chips with specific wavelengths onto DiCon's array. For this purpose, Kessil's research team continues to rigorously search for different spectrum recipes to enhance plant and coral growth. With this constant quest for the best spectrums, Kessil is leading The Spectral Revolution ®.

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