H-Series Spectral Controller

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kessil Controller
Intuitive Control

Equipped with a vivid LCD display and touch control, the H-Series Spectral Controller is designed to simplify and automate your growing system. With multiple program modes, this intuitive and easy-to-use controller eliminates the need for a computer, additional software or any coding knowledge.

One Controller, Two Groups

The H-Series Spectral Controller is equipped with two separate 0-10V output ports. These ports allow a single controller to run two different groups of linked lights at once, each following a unique program.

Program Modes

Manual Mode:

Manual Mode allows users to tune the light for immediate customization. Users can individually control spectrum and intensity to find the ideal setting.

Quick Set:

The Quick Set mode allows users to create a repeating 24 hour schedule simply by programming up to 6 points with customized spectrums and intensity.

Auto Mode:

Auto Mode is designed to simplify the growing process of various types of plants. Mimic entire seasons with adjustable critical day length.

What's in the Box


Magnetic Back Plate

Power Adaptor

Micro USB Cable

Unit Link Cable

Screws (X2)
Nylon anchor (X2)

Compatible With

H1200 Tuna Flora

H80 Tuna Flora