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H-Series Spectral Controller

Equipped with a vivid LCD display and touch control, the H-Series Spectral Controller is designed to simplify and automate your growing system. With multiple program modes, this intuitive and easy-to-use controller eliminates the need for a computer, additional software or any coding knowledge. Learn More

Part Number KSHCT01

Weight 0.24lb / 0.11kg

Dimensions L 5.6" x W 2.5" x H 0.56"

Compatible with H1200

H-Series Gooseneck

Kessil's gooseneck mount helps deliver light where plants need it most. Designed to be installed on the posts of standard grow tents, its 24 in. long arm is flexible enough to be maneuvered into the desired position without interfering with existing setups.

Part Number KSHGN03

Weight 1.6lb / 0.75kg

Dimensions ø 0.6" x H 23.6"

Compatible with H150/H350/H380

C130 Spectral Carrier

A complement to our H350 Spectral Halo LED grow lights, the C130 Spectral Carrier is a convenient way to hold four lights together. It creates a complete system without losing the modularity of Kessil grow lights.
The C130 helps the grower maintain and control their lighting while still delivering a huge amount of spectral intensity.

Part Number KSHSC

Compatible with H150/H350/H380

S360 Spectral Spinner

The S360 Spectral Spinner is the perfect solution for growers who want to customize the light their plants receive. Designed to be used over a 4' x 4' grow area, S360 spins continuously to allow light to be spread evenly. This setup eliminates hotspots and provides more uniform growth over the whole area. With space for up to six Kessil LED grow lights, growers can mix and match different spectrums or intensities for a completely customized light formula!

Part Number KSHSP01

Compatible with H150/H350/H380