A-Series Spectral Controller

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Getting Started

Please make sure to consult the Spectral Controller Quick Start Guide and follow each step.

Step 1 Connect

  • Insert the microUSB head of the cable into the microUSB slot.

  • Insert the USB head of the cable into the power adaptor.

  • Assemble the power adaptor by screwing the plug head into the adaptor body.

  • Plug the adaptor into a wall outlet to power the controller.

  • Connect the lights to the controller using the unit link cable.

Step 2 Set Up

  • Use the direction padto navigate to the Settings tab.

  • Press to access the settings.

  • Set the Time & Date.

  • Press to return to the main menu.

Step 3 Manual Configuration

  • Navigate to the Manual tab.

  • Press to enter manual mode.

  • Adjust the color and intensity on the two bars. This can be done individually for each port or both at the same time.

  • Press to return to the main menu.

Step 4 Program

  • Navigate to the Program tab.

  • Press to enter program mode.

  • Select Quick Set to create a custom light schedule.

    • Adjust intensity and color at each time point.

    • Review your cycle with preview mode.

    • Make sure to save when finished.

  • Select Acclimation to set an acclimation schedule.

    • Set the length of acclimation and starting intensity.

    • Specify the color and intensity schedule you want the acclimation to follow.

    • Save when finished.

  • Press to return to the main menu.

Step 5 Port Settings

  • Navigate to Port Set tab.

  • Press to enter port settings.

  • Set the desired schedule for each port.

Step 6 Mounting

  • Use the screws provided to mount the magnetic back plate to a wooden surface.

  • If mounting to a wall, pre-drill two 1/4" (6.5mm) holes and insert nylon anchors before screwing the plate in.

Current Firmware Version: 1.04

Before proceeding, please double-check the following:

All Power Supplies are Plugged In

The Controller and each of the lights run on their own power supply. All power supplies must be plugged in for all the components to be powered on. Ensure that the power supplies are also plugged into a working wall outlet.

Correct Cable Configuration

The unit link cable should connect from Port 1 or Port 2 of the controller to the INPUT of your light. If you are using multiple lights daisy-chained together, ensure that the controller is linked to the first light of the series. Ensure that all cables are plugged in snugly within the ports.


My lights do not respond to my settings.

Make sure that you have saved your settings in Program Mode. Then, input the desired program for the correct port in Port Settings (Step 5 in Quick Start Guide).

I want my lights to turn off after midnight.

Treat the timeline as if everything starts at midnight and ends at 11:59pm. So, for all time points after midnight, use the first few time points. For example, if you wanted your light to turn on at 6pm and shut off at 2am, you would use the following settings:

Timepoint 1: 2am, Intensity: 0%
Timepoint 2: 6pm, Intensity: 5%
Timepoint 3: 7pm, Intensity: 40%
Timepoint 4: 10pm, Intensity: 80%
Timepoint 5: 11pm, Intensity: 60%
Timepoint 6: 11:59pm, Intensity: 40%

Can I use the controller for moonlight mode?

The controller is currently compatible with the A360 and A160 lines. The A360 lights are not capable of dimming down past 13%, thus even with the controller, the light will shut off at that intensity. The controller will be compatible with future lights that may have moonlight mode, but with the A360, you will not be able to create a moonlight effect.